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Redthread youth workers are doing an incredible job helping young victims to move away from the circles that led to them getting hurt.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

You’ve motivated me. You’ve been there. I knew you knew I could do it and that’s what has made me do it

Young person accessing the Youth Violence Intervention Programme

Redthread are an exemplary partner; they deliver an outstanding and much-needed programme reaching very vulnerable young people and have met or exceeded every objective set to date. They are easy to collaborate with and we hope to continue and expand the programme well into the future.

Ian Lush, Chief Executive, Imperial College Healthcare Charity

The people at the Well Centre always make you feel at home and when you enter it’s like your troubles float away… It was really nice because you didn’t just have to talk about what mental health issues you had, you could talk about your favourite movie or what you did on the weekend…By coming to the Well Centre I have progressively become a lot happier with myself and others. I would truly recommend going to the Well Centre.

Young person accessing the Well Centre

Redthread work in a positive, aspirational way with the young person to bring meaningful change rather than retrospective debates about what went wrong. They have a passion to change how young people experience healthcare in a time of crisis and how staff work with young people.


Individually they are adaptable, strong-stomached, and professionally brave to stand in a trauma call and advocate and support the young person or de-escalate a young person who is about to walk out without being treated.

Dr Emer Sutherland, Emergency Medicine Consultant

When I first came to The Well Centre, I was nervous as I am not used to opening up to people, especially strangers so it was hard at first but the Well Centre Youth Worker, who I saw every 2 weeks, helped me by listening to my problems and giving suggestions as to how to deal with them in the best possible way. She was very supportive and friendly, making it comfortable for me to talk to her. The doctors at The Well Centre were also helpful with how to deal with my low moods and motivation.


By coming to The Well Centre I began to think more positively rather than jumping to the worst scenario when I get anxious, and slowly push myself and work on myself and build my confidence. I have also begun to speak up about my problems with my family rather than keeping it to myself.

Young person accessing the Well Centre

The thing is, I’m so scared but deep down I know that admitting that you’re scared is about the bravest and most life changing thing anybody can do.

Young person accessing the Youth Violence Intervention Programme

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It is key that the programmes we run are primarily beneficial to the young people they are designed to support. We are confident that our efforts are helping those most in need, and are always seeking new evidence of these benefits for project partners, funders and young people alike. We are currently working with three separate evaluation teams to prove that our work, works.

Evidence and Insight Team at City Hall

The Evidence and Insight team are evaluating the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime funded work at all four hospital sites of the Youth Violence Intervention Programme.

Institute of Psychiatry and HERON network

Stephani Hatch, at the Institute of Psychiatry and HERON Network, is working with Redthread on an evaluation for the Youth Violence Intervention Programme at King’s College London.

NPC Associates

NPC Associates are undertaking a three-year evaluation of the Youth Violence Intervention Programme at St Mary’s hospital.

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