Raise money

Redthread’s work is only possible because of people like you, who believe in young people and raise money for our programmes.

Challenge yourself

Running, swimming, cycling... However you choose to challenge yourself we’ll be your personal support team and cheerleading squad! Organise your own event, or contact us to find out which events we have places in right now.

Fundraise in your community

Budding baker or nifty knitter? Some of the most traditional fundraising methods still work a treat! Host a bake sale, organise a fair or ask for donations instead of birthday presents; there are hundreds of creative ways to raise money.

Corporate partnerships

Nominate us to be your company's charity of the year, for matched employee fundraising, or for a generous donation. We will work closely with you to meet your objectives and help you to create the biggest impact for young people.

Give the gift of youth work

You can be part of the solution: generous donations mean our youth workers can be there for every young person in crisis, until they are ready to break free from cycles of disadvantage and violence.

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