Our Strategy 2021-2026

Scaling Impact: our 2021-2026 strategy to shape the future of health-based youth violence interventions in the UK

At Redthread, we believe in a society where all young people live healthy, safe and happy lives

🔺Our work empowers young people to thrive as they navigate the challenging transition to adulthood by integrating trauma-informed youth work into the health sector

🔺We are dedicated to amplifying the voices of the young people we serve, having learned from our experience that their stories are the most powerful catalyst for change

🔺We engage in conversations with policymakers so that we can influence policies impacting young people and create change

🔺Our strategy, Scaling Impact, outlines our plan to get closer to our vision, working together with our partners and supporters to make this a reality

Since 1995, Redthread have experienced significant development, moving from a small, local youth charity to a national organisation operating across three cities: London, Birmingham and Nottingham.

We aim to balance maintaining our current work with our ambition to innovate and grow our impact.

Our three strategic priorities demonstrate how we plan to get there, over the next five years.

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Our Strategic Priorities

Gold Standard

Redthread will continue to deliver gold standard youth violence intervention programmes, while committing to being a gold standard employer: an inclusive, diverse and empowering  organisation in which staff can thrive.





Redthread believes in trialling new practices to meet the needs of young people, working in partnership with organisations who share our vision for services. This year, Redthread launched a counselling service pilot in Birmingham.




Thought Leadership

Redthread seeks to use its deep knowledge of youth work in health settings to inform the sector and influence policy, acting as thought leaders in the field of youth violence intervention programmes in hospitals.



‘The past five years have seen a tragic escalation of knife crime and youth violence. Redthread have responded to this need and have proven that our work in the hospital helps change young lives. Our job now is clear- to find new ways to help young people who are at risk sooner, and to share what we’ve learned to support others working in the sector and inform policy around youth work and youth violence. Underpinning all of this is a commitment to ensuring Redthread has the right building blocks in place to continue our organisational journey- that means securing a diverse and robust funding mix, investing in our specialist workforce and making sure Redthread is a great place to work.’
John Poyton CEO, Redthread

Between 2017-2020, the number of Redthread employees grew by 125% while the number of young people we supported grew by 180%.

“Redthread colleagues have to feel like they belong in both the hospital and in the community. The role isn’t just about building quick and credible rapport with young people in crisis- so much of it is about the teamwork and relationships Redthread youth workers build with clinicians and community partners in places like local authorities, primary care and other charities. From the first programme in Kings, the charity has already grown so much, but I’m excited to see Redthread expand further- not just in terms of scale but also in terms of scope. We see so many young people facing various issues that Redthread’s expertise, clinical confidence and strong networks could enormously help.”
Emer Sutherland Director of Emergency Medicine at Kings College Hospital

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