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How Redthread champions Youth Work alongside local services

November 3rd, 2021

For National Youth Work Week 2021, Wednesday’s theme is ‘championing a vision for quality youth work’. At Redthread, we believe quality youth work is aided by great partnerships and strong local community links. 

Cross-sector collaboration is key in tackling youth violence and ensures that all young people can lead healthy, safe and happy lives – Redthread’s vision.

In this blog, we outline the services Redthread works with the hopes of making our vision a reality.



Violence is a public health issue and hospitals are anchor institutions as they help the most vulnerable in the community. Redthread’s intervention often starts here in the emergency departments.

Empowering a young person to find treatment that works for them is a key part of Redthread’s work.


Home & Peer Networks

Access to a safe and secure home environment can influence a young people’s quality of life and health.

Redthread engages in multi-agency safeguarding support to help young people feel safe and protected In their family and peer relationships.



Education can provide children and young people with valuable access to universal support and opportunity.

Redthread’s youth workers empower young people to make positive life changes, such as (re-)entering education and training to increase their aspiration and confidence in their future.


Statutory Services

Statutory services range from support that is available to everyone, through to targeted help for those with more acute needs or risks e.g. child protection.

The third sector can help young people rebuild trust in support services, before scaffolding them into longer term support from local authorities.


Criminal Justice

The causes of violent crime are driven by broader social issues and inequalities.

Redthread work with organisations that focus on rehabilitation through preventative community work to ensure that exploited young people are not unnecessarily criminalised.



Safe spaces in a community including youth clubs, sports teams and places of worship are essential in enriching and shaping the lives of young people.

Redthread empowers young people to identify and build healthy networks and enjoyable activities.


Policy & Media

The ways youth violence is portrayed in both social and mainstream media impacts the support those involved receive and the need for policies that support a public health approach to violence. 

Redthread help to ensure policy makers hear the voices of young people.


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