October 10th, 2018

Through our work in A&E and at The Well Centre, we meet and work with young people every day who have mental health needs. Today is Mental Health Awareness Day 2019 with the focus on ‘young people and mental health’ so we thought we’d share the positive effects trauma-informed youth work can have on young people’s mental health.

Lydia’s* Story

Lydia was referred to The Well Centre by her GP because she was feeling stressed, anxious and lacking in confidence. Lydia had a difficult home life; her anxiety and stress were triggered by domestic abuse at home by her mother and her father was dealing with periods of depression. Her parents had recently separated and she was struggling at school – her anxiety meant that she felt she was not able to cope with the pressures of school work.

The Redthread youth worker met Lydia one evening at The Well Centre and talked to her about building her confidence back up and supporting her with self-help and positive ways of thinking of herself. They worked together over several months, having regular discussions about feeling confident when she was in new situations and meeting new people. The youth worker also spoke to Lydia about the importance of nutrition and helped her and her family access foodbank vouchers.

Since coming to The Well Centre, Lydia is feeling less anxious and she’s finding it easier to express herself – particularly to her parents. Her resilience levels have improved significantly and because of this, the Redthread youth worker was able to work with Lydia’s teachers and together encouraged Lydia to access additional support in her school. Lydia’s also recently started attending boxing classes near where she lives and is cooking more at home.

It’s good to talk

The Well Centre is a youth health centre in Streatham where you can see a youth worker, counsellor or doctor to discuss any of your health concerns or worries in a safe and confidential space. Drop in for a chat Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.30pm-6.30pm.

To find out more, visit: www.thewellcentre.org

*Name and identifiable features have been changed




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