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Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supports Redthread to boost training offerings  

February 16th, 2021

At Redthread, we know the power that youth work can have, and we see the impact every day in our frontline work.

But we also know that youth work is not just one single thing; there are many different approaches, ways of working and methodologies, each with their own merits and uses. Our hospital work is incredibly specialist and, while we hire people with lots of experience, we don’t expect even the most seasoned youth worker to be able to fully understand the complexity of the role on day one.

Training is key for us, and over the past year we’ve created and delivered our core training modules to all of our staff and produced a reflective journal for them to use to continuously improve their practice. The first round of this training happened pre-pandemic and in person, but since lockdown we’ve run these sessions digitally several times for our cohort of new staff. Logistically, delivering these modules is no mean feat and as we’ve grown as an organisation, the need for learning and development resource has become clear.

Growing our Impact:

So it’s really exciting for us that, through a partnership with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), we’ve been able to create a new Training Manager role. Although we have long-standing international links, particularly with the United States, support from an international funder like SNF shows clear recognition of the value of Hospital Based Youth Work outside of the UK context.

Beyond this, SNF is a great fit for Redthread – we share mutual interests in supporting healthcare, young people and in ensuring what we learn from our work is shared to maximise our impact.

The £90,000 grant will allow Redthread’s new Training Manager to spend the next two years developing an external training model for our hospital-based youth work. That means as well as ensuring our own staff are upskilled and highly trained we’ll also be able to support medical professionals and other organisations interested in the Redthread service model.  Ultimately, we hope this will mean we can expand and deepen our impact, so more young people across the country can access Redthread-type support at a time of crisis and during their teachable moments.

“Redthread’s unique approach seizes the opportunity of a ‘teachable moment,’ even under the most difficult circumstances, to help young people make a change for the better in their lives. SNF is proud to support the Training Manager position to help share Redthread’s experience and its model with organisations across the UK and abroad,” said Charis Desinioti, Program Officer at SNF. “Building skills and capacity at other organisations in the field is a great way to increase the impact of a proven model, taking advantage of collaboration with those best positioned to act locally.”

Meet Redthread’s new Training Manager:

Anna McGilvray has worked in Learning and Development for 10 years, within both charity and commercial sectors. In her last two healthcare charity roles, she managed training for staff, healthcare professionals and volunteers, developing internal and external training. She is passionate about using blended learning approaches and measuring and demonstrating the impact of learning experiences.

Anna says:

“I am thrilled to join Redthread and excited to have the opportunity to support the development of a training model for their unique hospital-based youth work.”

About the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF):

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) is one of the world’s leading private, international philanthropic organisations, making grants to nonprofit organizations in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and sports, and social welfare. SNF funds organisations and projects worldwide that aim to achieve a broad, lasting, and positive impact for society at large, and exhibit strong leadership and sound management. Since 1996, the Foundation has committed more than $3.1 billion through over 4,900 grants to nonprofit organisations, in more than 130 countries around the world.

  • Trusts and Foundations make an enormous contribution to Redthread’s service impact, without them, we couldn’t reach as many young people. If you’re part of a Trust or Foundation, we’d be delighted to hear from you.
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