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Redthread’s youth violence intervention programme receives funding to continue in Nottingham

March 10th, 2021

Since April 2018, Redthread has worked alongside NHS staff at Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham to provide support for 11-25 year olds impacted by violence and exploitation. Thanks in part to a contribution from Nottingham Hospitals Charity, our work supporting young people aged 11-25 is set to continue.

Looking back at our expansion in Nottingham 

Redthread’s Youth Violence Intervention Programme first started in King’s College Hospital, London, and now operates in 13 hospitals across the UK. Our teams work shoulder to shoulder with the NHS to provide support for young people in hospital emergency departments, and back out into their community. Our vision is for all young people to lead healthy, safe and happy lives – no matter what their circumstance is.

Using the expertise and experience developed from running our services in London, in 2018 we expanded our work into Nottingham and Birmingham. Three years later, our youth work teams are considered integral, valued members of the hospitals in which we operate.

Since running our services Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham and the Queen Elizabeth and Heartlands Hospitals in Birmingham, our teams have supported 863 young people as they navigate challenges in their lives. We are incredibly proud of the difference our teams were able to make to the lives of young people we worked with:

  • 100% of the young people we worked closely with across the three Midlands sites felt as safe or safer than they had before the incident that brought them to hospital 
  • 93% of young people’s risk of continuing a lifestyle that exposed them to further harm had been reduced or halted from escalating 

Looking forward with the support of Nottingham Hospitals Charity

We are delighted to announce that Nottingham Hospitals Charity are investing £100k in funding to ensure that our vital work in the East Midlands can continue. In the past 12 years, the charity has invested over £40 million to support the local community and this impact in Nottingham has been tremendous. Their work centralises on improving patient care and facilitating medical research.

The Redthread team are incredibly honoured to have our work recognised in this way and are looking forward to working closely with Nottingham Hospitals Charity to monitor our impact and ensure we are producing the best possible outcomes for the young people we work with.

Barbara Cathcart, Chief Executive of Nottingham Hospitals Charity, said:

 We are so pleased to be funding this important programme at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre. We hope the Youth Violence Intervention Programme here in Nottingham will make a real difference to the lives of our community’s most vulnerable young people.”

Hearing from the young people we work with – Eddies’s story 

Throughout the pandemic, we have adapted to continue to run our service. One young person we supported in Nottingham was Eddie (names and locations have been altered for safeguarding purposes). Eddie was referred to our service after suffering a traumatic and life-altering injury. Our team in Nottingham supported Eddie to work toward a safer lifestyle, build his confidence in his future, and importantly step away from his involvement in gangs.

The social worker supporting Eddie praised our Team Leader in Nottingham, commenting that:

“She is absolutely brilliant, she is so efficient, insightful and child focused.”

Thanks to the support of Nottingham Hospitals Charity, more young people like Eddie can access our support.

David Bentley, Programme Manager for our services in Nottingham, commented

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have received this extra funding needed to continue our services in Nottingham. As a team, we are so proud of the relationships we’ve built here in Nottingham with both our clinical colleagues and the young people we work with. Thank you so much to Nottingham Hospitals Charity for your belief in our service and the young people of Nottingham and the surrounding area.”


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