Redthread Nottingham and Black History Month 2020

October 13th, 2020


   For Black History Month 2020, we are celebrating past and present individuals, organisations and initiatives from the regions that Redthread operates in: London, Birmingham and Nottingham.

To kick this off, our Youth Violence Intervention team in Nottingham remember historical figures from the city’s past and spotlight exciting events, conversations and movements happening in Nottingham’s vibrant community at the moment.


Looking back…

  • Eric Irons

Eric Irons made history as the first black magistrate in Britain in 1962. He fought tirelessly for social justice and was honoured with an OBE in 1977. Eric was also instrumental in lifting a ban on black people working for a transport company and helped the city council address issues following the 1958 race riots in the St Ann’s area of Nottingham. He continued to oversee court cases until he retired in 1991.




  • George Africanus

George Africanus arrived in the UK from Sierra Leone as a slave. He was known for being Nottingham’s first black entrepreneur and died a free man with property and an influential career and life.

You can find more information about George here: https://www.nottinghamnewscentre.com/George-Africanus-Tram-unveiled-in-Nottingham


Looking forward…

The following organisations and events were collated by the Nottingham team and showcase the amazing work being done in the community at the moment to champion diversity and inclusion.

  •  Next Gen Movement

Next Gen Movement is a millennial driven initiative focused on fighting systemic racism, being a voice for the community and empowering the youth of Nottingham. Their mission is captured by 4 values: Education, Engagement, Empowerment and Employment. They aim to empower young people to continue the fight against racism, amplify the voices of the younger generation and make tangible change.


Next Gen Movement was founded by three young women and friends Shan Vincent, Tyla Henrique-White and Janelle Brown who organised peaceful protests against systemic racism following the murder of George Floyd. On Sunday 7th June, thousands of people in Nottingham came together at the Forest Recreation Ground in solidarity.


They have a variety of workshops happening over Black History month, particularly aimed at young people in Nottingham, focusing on Black History, business and culture. Follow their youth-led movement here: https://www.instagram.com/nextgenmovement_/

  • FlyGirl

FlyGirl is a community initiative run by Avarni Bilan that seeks to empower wxman of colour in Nottingham through workshops, events, talks and parties. FlyGirl holds space for all womxn including Queer womxn, Trans, Non-Binary & Intersex POC.

You can find out more about FlyGirl in LeftLion’s article with Avarni here: https://www.leftlion.co.uk/read/2020/july/flygirl-wxman-inclusion-empowerment/


  • Nottingham Together- Let’s Talk about Black Lives

‘Let’s Talk about Black Lives’ is organised by Nottingham City Council and Truth Mental Health in collaboration with Communities Inc, Nottinghamshire Police. The online discussion will talk about black lives, hate crime and black history with live singers and spoken word performers. Taking place on Thursday 15th October, the event features local councillors, the Next Gen Movement and the Plentiful Poet.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nottingham-together-lets-talk-about-black-lives-tickets-122706433245

For more information about Nottingham’s history, as well as current news and events, check out the following links:

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