Be a Redthread

Throughout the challenges of this year, Redthread has worked shoulder to shoulder with the NHS and continued to be there and advocate for every young person who needs us. With your help, we can empower young people affected by violence and exploitation to find their own way out of the maze and live healthy, safe and happy lives.

Be there for young people, #BeARedthread

This Christmas, Redthread is asking you to #BeARedthread by donating £15 to empower young people to find their way to a life free from violence.

Who is your Redthread?

Most of us have had someone who has helped us get back on track or was there for us during a challenging time. 

Redthread takes its name from Greek mythology where Theseus was guided out of the maze and into safety with a red thread by Ariadne. Sometimes when things go wrong, we need a bit of guidance to get back on track. At Redthread, our youth workers meet young people in hospital A&Es who have been affected by violence or exploitation. It’s a moment where young people can be empowered to transform their lives. 

We are asking you to share who your Redthread is, or was, and the impact they’ve had on your life.

Simply put, a Redthread is someone who can help you find your way.

Can you carry on our Redthread?

This year, more than ever, we need to remember and celebrate people who have supported and been there for us, no matter how big or small. Join our conversation on social media by sharing who your Redthread of support is.

Is it your old teacher who inspired your future career? A friend who was there for you during a particularly challenging time? 

 Use the hashtag #BeARedthread and tag us @redthreadyouth

“My Redthread is Rob, he gave me my first internship role when I was out of work and very low in confidence. He built me up again and gave me everything I needed to start my career, I don’t think I’d be where I am today without him #BeARedthread @redthreadyouth”


“My Redthread is Mrs Mackenzie, my teacher who was always calm with me, supportive and encouraging. She gave me the courage to apply to college. #BeARedthread @redthreadyouth”

“You've been a major ray of light in the dark. Thanks for all your kindness and compassion” - young person supported by a Redthread youth worker

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