Promising results from the evaluation of our YVIP Programme

March 24th, 2017

Our Youth Violence Intervention Programme (YVIP) at St Mary’s Hospital is undergoing a three-year evaluation by NPC Associates. We have just received the report for the end of the second year, and are delighted with the results.

Through our work we are aiming to deliver four outcomes:

  • reducing risky lifestyles in the young people who attend St Mary’s Emergency Department as a result of violence-related injuries.
  • helping at-risk young people to access appropriate support services in a planned way.
  • increasing the awareness, understanding and engagement by ED staff with young people attending with violence related injuries including those related to sexual exploitation.
  • and improving collaborative working and sharing of data between relevant agencies.

NPC Associates has analysed the data that our teams collect in their initial risk assessments of the young people, and from the six-month follow-ups. They have surveyed ED staff and collected case studies of young people from the youth workers. They have also compared re-attendance at St Mary’s ED with baseline data collected in 2013.

Overall, the evidence from this analysis suggests that the Redthread Youth Workers and the YVIP are making a substantial positive impact on all four outcomes.

For example, follow up risk assessments for 62 young people showed:

  • 59% had a reduced involvement with violence, either personally or by association, 28% had remained the same and 13% had increased
  • 37% had a reduced involvement with crime, either personally or by association, 61% had remained the same and 2% had increased.
  • Re-attendance rates at ED as a result of further assaults have reduced to 1 in 35 compared to 1 in 21, and the rate of re-attendance at ED for reasons other than further violent incidents was 1 in 8, compared to a rate of 1 in 5 in the baseline audit of 2012/13.

In addition, feedback from other agencies strongly suggests that Redthread strengthen the willingness of the young people to engage constructively with other agencies. ED staff are extremely positive about the youth violence project. They readily refer young people to it. They have increasingly said that they feel better equipped and more confident in dealing with young people who have experienced violence since the Redthread youth workers have become part of the ED team.

You can download a copy of the Executive Summary of the evaluation here. We look forward to working with NPC associates for the final year of the evaluation, and to continuing to learn from our experience and refine our model.


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