Covid-19 and changes to our delivery

March 25th, 2020

At Redthread we work shoulder to shoulder with NHS colleagues. Since beginning our Youth Violence Intervention Programme at Kings College Hospital 15 years ago, we’ve been in emergency departments reaching young victims of violence and helping them to recover and turn their lives around.

Our Youth Work teams take the pressure off doctors and nurses in the department, allowing them to focus on clinical work while we push forward with safeguarding and social support.

We provide a consistent service for young people that we hope makes our NHS colleagues’ lives easier on a day to day basis.

But these are not ordinary days. In the past week we, like many charities, have been exploring our options to continue delivery. Within the hospitals this meant running a reduced rota, relocating to non-clinical spaces, lots of working from home and limiting face to face work.

The situation is changing every day, and it’s become apparent that our presence in hospitals is no longer the best way to work with our NHS colleagues as they tackle COVID-19. It’s also no longer the safest option for our staff or for the young people we support.

The most helpful thing we can do for the NHS at this time is to step back from the hospital and to focus on supporting young people outside of this space until the hospitals are ready to have us back.

Violence hasn’t gone away, and we’re working hard to ensure the young people who need Redthread, get support. We’re still taking live referrals from ED staff and engaging young people remotely.

Each site has slightly different plans in place to do this- but all should soon be able to receive referrals by either phone or email. We’ll continue to check in with hospital safeguarding teams and join multi-agency meetings remotely.

Our teams will then contact young people by mobile if possible or via the ward phone.

We’ll keep updating this page as things change.

Info on our services:

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham:

Our team are awaiting remote access to secure emails and therefore telephone referrals are preferred

Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham: 

Our programme Coordinator is able to manage referrals coming in via telephone and email as normal.

St Marys Hospital:

Redthread St Mary’s are accepting referrals by phone and through daily check in with the hospital safeguarding teams. They do not have remote access to hospital systems currently.

Kings College Hospital:

Our team have remote access to the referral inbox and to voicemails left on the office phone. We encourage staff to refer this way or to speak to the hospital safeguarding team.

St George’s Hospital:

Redthread SGH have remote access to their clinical system, meaning they screen for live referrals. They are also accepting referrals by email and through daily check in with the hospital safeguarding teams.

Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham:

Staff at the hospital are asked to refer to an email send to case managers and leads. Only some of the team have access to hospital systems or @nhs emails so there may be a short delay in picking up referrals


The team at UCLH have remote access to hospital systems and can be reached on by phone or email.

Homerton University Hospital:

Our Homerton team can access the referral inbox from home, and are in the process of getting remote access to hospital systems. We are currently unable to pick up voicemails remotely, but the machine message provides the correct number for you to reach the team.

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