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#BeARedthread – bringing to life our name and celebrating hope

January 13th, 2021

To mark the end of a difficult year, our Be a Redthread campaign brought to life the meaning behind our name and work in an animated story of hope.

Redthread takes its name from Greek mythology, where Theseus was guided into safety with a red thread by Ariadne. Most of us have had someone who offered us a thread of hope and supported us to get back on track. At Redthread, our youth workers meet and support young people in hospital emergency departments who have been affected by violence or exploitation. This is a moment where young people can be empowered to transform their lives.

“We can all think of one person who changed the trajectory of our lives, of our friends’ lives…Progress isn’t linear. Young people slip up, and that’s cool, as long as they know someone is still there for them.” – Franklyn, Redthread Team Leader

Through our campaign, we encouraged others to share who that person is, or was. From messages of support to generous donations, we are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped us share our message of hope to young people!


Behind the scenes with And Action and Ogilvy

The brief for our Be a Redthread film was created by Ogilvy as part of their pro bono work. The animation was then made by the brilliant team at And Action – you can check out their creative process here.

Our amazing youth ambassadors were key in helping with the animation progress to ensure it represented what Redthread means to them. We also worked with the very talented actor, Nnabiko Ejimofor, who voiced the animation narrative. Nnabiko shared with us that his Redthread of support is his counsellor. Take a look at his work here

Thank you for carrying on our thread of hope

Can you help us improve outcomes for more young people? If you’d like to support our work, please consider making a donation today.

  • You can find our Be a Redthread campaign page here
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