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A Day in the Life of a Redthread London Team Leader

August 18th, 2021

Team Leader Cham shares what a typical day is like leading a team of youth workers in a busy emergency department of a local London hospital.


Mid-morning Shift

8:45 am

Once I arrive at the hospital, I like to start my morning with a cappuccino from the hospital’s coffee shop – they taste great!

Next, I take a walk around the site, visiting relevant wards, usually the paediatric, majors and injuries wards. I make sure to introduce myself to clinicians I see during my walk which is important so they:

  1. Know who I am and that I’m available on site if they need me and the team 
  2. Can fill me in on the details of any events from the previous night/shift that I’m unaware of

This is crucial because although the team and I work shifts covering morning to evening, we don’t work around the clock 24/7. That means any concerns or updates to cases will inform the team and I’s approach to our trauma-informed work which changes everyday. No two days are the same. 

We’re so grateful to have an office that’s embedded in the ward. The office is a hub for the team to work from when they’re not with a young person bedside and also serves as a meeting room. At this point, I check my inbox which can contain emails about anything from new referrals and conversations with partner organisations about future training opportunities to ongoing discussions about young people and their cases. 

10:15 am

Once admin is done, I carry out something I call ‘team time’ where I touch base with each team member whether they’re onsite, working from home or in the local community. We always discuss how they are doing personally before discussing work related matters. This is something I’m very passionate about as we can’t be the best support to our young people if we don’t feel supported individually first and foremost. When discussing work, I will always ask:

  • What does your day look like?
  • How can I support you with this?
  • Would you like to pre-plan your actions for the day together? 

The best part of my role as Team Leader is the incredible team I have inherited. They are not only compassionate and driven to support young people the best way they can but they consistently think about ways to develop their own practice whilst collectively working together. 

After team time, I screen the electronic patient record system (EPR) –  a live log of those who have been admitted to the hospital –  to see which young people we may be able to support. I especially keep an eye on number three, the code which highlights people attending hospital as a result of assault or serious violence.  

Today is this month’s virtual equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) forum, exclusively for Redthread staff from diverse backgrounds. I appreciate this safe space as it allows me to voice my feelings and concerns on issues with people who can relate. The EDI meeting is also a great way to meet and connect with colleagues from other teams that I don’t see often.

1:45 pm

After some much-needed lunch, it’s time for our team’s weekly case management meeting (CMM). This time is for reflecting on our current cohort of young people collectively as a team. We explore their individual action plans and what interventions the team can plan to put in place whilst making sure we also assess risk. After this, my action is to log and record notes of all the discussions. I also brief the team members staying to work the evening shift so they’re up to date on our young people and cases.

I feel that the support put into place from my line manager and the wider organisation has been invaluable. Redthread also has some fundamentally important structures in place to support me. For example, I have never previously experienced clinical supervisions, time with a clinical supervisor who offers support and training. I feel this greatly benefited me and my practice, with the onus of my discussion being confidential but supportive.

Once a quarter, the team will also participate in a multi-agency child exploitation (MACE) meeting to provide an update on the service trends and patterns we have seen onsite. We’re very happy that our site has a Young Women’s Service and oftentimes the MACE meeting holds discussions particularly around our young women cohort and what they’re currently experiencing. 

Overall, the Team Leader role is great and I’m glad I joined Redthread, an organisation who are trailblazers for supporting young people in healthcare settings. I would highly recommend the role to anyone with experience of working with high risk young people and a passion for making a change. This is a great time to join Redthread as it’s growing and has many opportunities for career development. 


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