Redthread’s 25th Birthday 🎉

This year Redthread turns 25 years old! We have some exciting content to share across the year to celebrate this milestone. Check it out below👇


For the past 25 years, Redthread has been on a mission to ensure that young people can be healthy, safe and happy.

Across hospitals in London, Birmingham and Nottingham, Redthread youth workers support 11-25 year olds impacted by violence and exploitation. Our intervention bridges gaps between services and helps young people access the support they need and deserve as they transition into their adulthood.

We are excited to announce that we will be bringing our blog series to life with a live Q&A panel! Some familiar faces will be part of the discussion:

  • Laverne Antrobus, Child Psychologist
  • Banseka , Youth Activist 
  • Redthread youth workers
  • Redthread Youth Ambassador 

Join us on Wednesday 6th October as we explore how we all can better support young people during this challenging time. What knock-on effects has the pandemic had on young people?

Please donate what you can for a ticket, every penny will go towards our work supporting young people affected by violence and exploitation.

Redthread’s blog series provides different insights and voices on the eclectic experiences on ‘growing up’ and offers advice on how society can better support young people going through this challenging transition. Our contributors share their personal stories, professional expertise and hope for change:

🔺 Laverne Antrobus, Consultant and Child and Educational Psychologist

🔺 Redthread Youth Ambassadors 

🔺 Stephanie Calman, Author

🔺 Banseka Kayembe, freelance writer and founder of youth-led Naked Politics

🔺 Darren Laville, founder and director of The Epiphany People

🔺 Our NHS colleagues

And many, many more! Find all the latest blogs here.

Redthread’s story starts in South East London as a youth club, started by local parishioners. The club formed a central part of the local community and saw over a hundred young people a week gather to take part in a range of games and a place to socialise and make friends.

It was in 2002 that Redthread first ventured into the world of health, by running the country’s first ever Young People’s Clinic in partnership with Paxton Green Group Practice. After this success, the model was replicated at Herne Hill Group Practice in 2005.

We then began our services in hospital-settings in 2005, our services first being delivered in King’s College Hospital, London. Our Youth Violence Intervention Programme now runs in 13 hospital emergency departments in partnership with the major trauma network across London, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Redthread has come a long way in 25 years, supporting 1000s of young people to live healthy, safe and happy lives. We want to continue to set out an ambitious programme of growth and improvement and will be launching our 5 year strategy in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for announcements!

"You gave me the courage and the belief that I knew what was best for myself... thank you so much" - a young person supported by Redthread

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